How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income With The Same List Of Leads

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income With The Same List Of Leads

How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeHow To Create Multiple Streams Of Income With The Same List Of Leads is a mystery to most people when they get into Network Marketing.  And to tell you the truth – if you do this wrong – it will be a total disaster for you and your business.  So – how can we create multiple streams of income – and maintain our integrity?  How can we do this and yet keep faithful to the team that we are building?

Well we have to start out with the most important point about the type of business that we’re in.  We must grasp this really, really important point!

You see – WE are our business!  Let me re-phrase that.  YOU are YOUR business!

Almost every single new person that get’s into MLM or Network Marketing or even Affiliate Marketing – thinks that their opportunity is their business.  Well – that’s the worst thing in the world that you can do.  And it’s very wrong to think that way!

You are your business – and your list of leads and prospects on your email list – is your real business.

Your opportunity or company that you’re promoting – is a PRODUCT!  Now if you can grasp that – then you’ll find that it’s so much easier to build multiple streams of income.  I say that because when you do this the right way – you won’t be pitching your opportunity like you used to.

And more importantly – you will view your team members – in each of your opportunities or streams of income – as separate team members!

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income – By Building & Promoting YOU!

So here’s the deal!  Pick a major leader in the MLM or Network Marketing Business – and you’ll notice that they spend almost all of their time – training people.  They do videos and they do blog posts and they do social media posts – and all of that content is about teaching how to succeed or build – an MLM and NWM business.

You Are Your Business On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeNow if that super star MLM’er or Network Marketer is doing it right – they could be building multiple organizations – all at the same time.  And now pay attention to this critical point.

You would never know what company they are with!

That’s right – if they’re a pro – you would never know what MLM or NWM company they’re in.  And that my friend is one of the key factors that you have to learn in order to learn How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income in the work from home business.

Your true business is YOU.  Your true business is building a HUGE list of leads, followers and prospects.  And the way that you do that is to stop pitching your opportunity – and start teaching, training and sharing what you learn – with others who could use a helping hand.

Your true mission is to deliver VALUE – to an audience – who then learn how to like you and trust you.  And once those followers start to trust you and respect you – they’ll be very curious about what company or what opportunity you’re in.  Also – when they start to perceive that you are becoming successful – they’ll want to join you – and become successful – JUST LIKE YOU!

So – how do we do that?

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income? – Become The Student & Become The Teacher!

The first thing that we do – is become the student!  We search out the very best leaders – and we follow and learn as much as we can from them.  And start with what you need the most amount of help with – yourself.  Now what do I mean when I say that?

Well – let’s say that you are terrible at sponsoring people. Don’t be embarrassed.  At least 95% of us are in the same boat!

So – learn everything that there is on sponsoring.  Watch videos – read blog posts – listen to audio’s.  Just jump in – and immerse yourself in  A SUBJECT – and learn as much as you can.  And keep learning that subject – until you start to feel like an expert yourself.

Be The Student Then The Teacher On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeNow as you begin to learn and pick up on key points – put your feelings and YOUR interpretation down on a blog post, social media post or in a video.  And use your own words – don’t ever copy someone else’s words – word for word!

Oh – and you don’t have to feel like an expert or feel like you know everything – in order to start sharing that information.  All you need to know – is 1% more than another person – in order to be the expert!!!!!

So – learn – and then teach.  Learn – and then share. Learn and grow – and then create content of some form – to share that information with other people just like yourself.  And before you know it – people will start following you.  People will start to want more value and more information from you.

AND – they’ll also want to WORK with you!!!!!!  They’ll even ask you – “hey – what MLM are you in?”

You’ll become the hunted…..instead of hunting for prospects yourself.  And – you’ll become just like all of the pro’s who cannot only build a large MLM business – they can build multiple streams of income – effortlessly!

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income – By Choosing The Right Opportunities

This is so important!  So please listen carefully.  When you choose an opportunity – you must be very careful.  You must look at several different aspects or traits of that opportunity – and carefully weigh those traits against other companies.  In addition – you have to look at these traits and companies – from the eyes of your future prospects.

Another critical thing to consider is to only choose well aged opportunities.  Ha, ha, ha……you just said “WHAT?”

Think About This Carefully On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeI know – everyone seems to think that there is a thing called saturation – and you should only go with brand new opportunities.  Well – let me say this about that.  You couldn’t get me into a new opportunity if you threatened my life with Dynamite!

For most of my work from home career – I have been building and re-building because the company I chose – failed.  Or the company that I chose – got in trouble with some Attorney General.  And now – you couldn’t get me into any brand new opportunity. It’s never going to happen!!!

So – I want to list a few things here for you to consider when choosing a company – but you may get a better feel for what I’m trying to get across to you if I just show you real world examples.  Let me show you what kind of opportunities I chose myself – and the strategy behind my own Multiple Streams Of Income.

Now calm down – I’m not pitching you LOL.  I’m not mentioning names of any companies that I promote.  I’ll just show you why – I chose a “Type” of opportunity – and I’ll show you the mentality behind those choices.

My Personal Approach To The Question – How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Okay – I’ll start with my “Primary” PRODUCT – or what most of us would call our opportunity.  My primary offers just about everything that ALL of us use and NEED – every single month – for our own homes and for our families.  I chose this company for several very critical reasons.  First of all – it’s not a new opportunity.  The second reason is that all of the products – over 400 of them – are consumables and everyone uses them.  ( and most of them are cheaper than in the stores….a novel concept in the NWM business)

Meet Their Needs On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeSo that super wide variety – ensures that anyone can find something that they like.  And that my friend is super important.  Just because you or I get excited about a product – doesn’t mean that the next person will get excited about it.  We can also think of it this way.

If WE are our business and our opportunity is our product – wouldn’t it be cool if our product was appealing to EVERYONE?

Okay – here is point number three.  Their re-order rate is right around 95%!!!!!!!!  Do you understand how powerful that is?  I mean – haven’t you been in an opportunity where people joined this month….and then quit next month or the month after that?

Uhhh…..yeah!  And that is addition and subtraction – not multiplication!  So how in the world can we build a business – when every month a bunch of people are quitting?  Well – we can’t!  So that’s one of the very important reasons why I chose this company as my primary.

And finally – the all important reason.  The compensation plan!

So many people fall for compensation plans that are so incredibly profitable – POTENTIALLY!  But in actuality – they are just about impossible to make it in.  In other words – if you are the top 1% or 2% – it’s an awesome comp plan.  But – if you’re the average person – get ready to empty your wallet – on a monthly basis.

Well seeing that I learned that the hard way over the years – I chose a little more wisely and found a company that was extremely fair.

In addition – they pay me to build deep – and they pay me to help others succeed!!!!!!!  And that for me is so incredibly important – because I know that building deep is the most important thing when it comes to my team’s ability to succeed.

Summary of my Primary Choice – I wanted a fair comp plan that encourages everyone to help each other and that rewards the wise folks – for building DEEP.  I also wanted a product line that EVERYONE can get excited about.  And – I wanted a re-order rate that was high.  Of course this particular company surprised me with just about the highest re-order rate that I’ve ever seen.  But – I’ll gladly take that extra perk!

My Personal Opportunity Choice #2

Now when I was considering the question for today – How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income – I wanted diversity.  And seeing that my primary meets the desires and successful business building requirements so well – for anyone – I wanted to pick a second program that was easier to build.

And notice I said easier – and not the word easy.  In fact this second business or “product” is a very simple business.  But – people are people and it’s difficult to change people.  So instead – you have to target people who will fit into the business.

Anyway – this business opportunity is about 8 years old….so it has already gone through most of the growing pains.  It certainly has passed all of the legal challenges as it is good to go and thriving in about 120 countries.

Now the main product is something that all of us would consider to be the best product.  And – everyone LOVES this product.  So the first point to consider – is a no brainer and that’s what I concluded with.

The Right Product and Free On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeThe second point that sold me was in fact the fact that it’s NOT an MLM – but is actually what I call a “True Affiliate Program”.  That means – it’s totally free to join and work.

So this program is a perfect Plan B program for anyone.  Now what do I mean when I say – Plan B?

Well – let’s say that you have 3 different programs or products.  You know – business opportunities.  And let’s say that you speak to a prospect and you pitch your primary opportunity.

And surprise surprise – they say no.  Maybe they even say – I don’t have any money!

Okay – well now you have two choices – and this is one more reason to build multiple income streams.  You could say good bye to that prospect and never see or talk with them ever again.

OR – you could show them a free to join – and free to work business.  Heck – you could even talk them into just signing up – which they might just do to get you off their back.  In any case – this strategic move capitalizes on 3 very important things for all of us to always consider.

#1 – They’re now on your email list!  Ding, ding, ding!

#2 – It’s not who you know – it’s who they know!!!  In fact I know a woman who signed someone up in this opportunity – in my up line – who signed someone up who did absolutely nothing.  BUT – just before he did absolutely nothing – he signed up a friend from a different country.  And she has gotten so far – about 16,000 people on her team because of that person.  Think about that – next time you write someone off.

#3 – You never know what that person may do – at some time in the future.

More About My Personal Opportunity Choice #2

Now when it comes to How To Build Multiple Streams Of Income – the compensation plan and the ease of building a team is critical.  In other words – if you wanted to have 3 income streams – you better make sure that 2 of those streams are fairly easy to build.

So – if one of your choices took up a lot of your time – the other 2 choices would have to sort of be – a no brainer and easy to build – so that it didn’t interfere with your primary.  And that’s what I was looking for.  So for me – my primary could be considered an MLM by most people – unless they understood fine details in a comp plan.  That’s because my primary is actually a hybrid between an MLM and an affiliate program.

And my other 2 opportunities – are actually affiliate programs.  (However my #2 program is actually a hybrid as well.)

Vertical Affiliate Marketing On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeIn fact – there is a sort of phenomenon in this business called Vertical Affiliate Marketing.  And that’s exactly why I really love my #2 choice.  I said that it was free to join – and it is.  There is no obligation after that – and you can make money and never spend any money if you choose.

But it also has a Vertical aspect to the comp plan that allows us to build STRAIGHT DOWN.  So…….if you understand what really motivates people in an MLM – you’ll know that nothing turns a person on more than watching a down line form under them.  In fact – as the down line grows – the confidence level of any person can grow and grow until they can’t stand it anymore.

At some point – a person who is doing nothing or finding that they cannot do this business – suddenly realizes that they can indeed do this business.  Why?  Because in Vertical Affiliate Marketing – EVERYONE helps EVERYONE else build the same team.

And seeing that in this program – we get paid down through infinity – there is absolutely no harm or no foul – if someone brings in someone else who does nothing.  It goes to infinity – so the comp plan just skips those who do nothing and searches for the next active person.

Anyway – that’s why I personally chose my #2 opportunity.  I love the product – and I absolutely fell in love with the comp plan.  And because it’s a free program – because it is also a pure affiliate program – it’s also a program that I can just stop at anytime – and continue to be paid – for the rest of my life.  It will also continue to pay my wife – or anyone else I list as a beneficiary.

Final Words About My #2

Oh yeah – I almost forgot to point out one of the most important things about my #2 opportunity.  You see – we get paid on other peoples savings account and their product purchases.  And the savings accounts are made up of physical assets – but none the less – that’s how we get paid.  So think about this.  Everyone wants to be rich.  But – very few ever start to build a wealth account or long term savings account. (Oh and by the way – the gains on our savings accounts – is yet another income stream all by itself)

Anyway – those smart people who do start building assets and wealth accounts – are EXACTLY the types of people that you want in your team in ANY other opportunity.  So…….my #2 stream of income – is also my Plan B opportunity.  AND because it’s also a Vertical growth opportunity – I can really help build people’s team’s – right along with them.  That all by itself is so incredibly valuable to me on a very personal level.

Because I truly believe that the more people you help to succeed – the more that you will succeed.  AND – you must lead by example.  Building deep – is the epitome of leading by example.

My Personal Choice Example #3 On How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Okay so I showed you my first choice and how it meets everyone’s needs and desires.  And it’s well established.  Then I showed you my second choice and it’s also well established.  But – It’s a Vertical Affiliate Program so yes it truly is free – however – but it also provides a way for me to truly help others by helping them to build deep.

I mean let’s face it – most people never sponsor more than 2 people in their MLM…..ever!  How would 100, 200 or 300 people under them transform their lives?  LOL – you know it would.

Wealth Building On How To Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeAnd then there is the wealth account and wealth building.  So many people wish that they were rich.  Well – my number 2 also teaches them how to start building wealth – and I love that so much!

So what about #3.  Again – it has to be easy.  And it has to meet a certain need – in order to be appealing to the masses.

Well – what does EVERY SINGLE MLM’er need?  We all need leads!  And we all need new prospects!

So my #3 is also an affiliate program and and it does not take me ANY ADDITIONAL effort to build.  When people talk to me – it may or may not come up in a conversation.  But if they want to know how I learned how to get an endless list of leads and prospects – I simply show them this program.

And – I have made thousands of dollars by simply offering my prospects a way of learning how to get more leads and more prospects.  In fact – I don’t think that there has been a single month in the last 4 years – where I did not get a check.

BUT – with no extra effort on my part.  So I just stay focused on what I should be doing on a daily basis – and I can build 3 separate income streams – that will continue to pay me month after month.

And so can you!

How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income For You And Your Family?

Now it’s your turn.  You could continue pitching your program – but I assure you – that’s not how the pro’s do it!  Instead – focus on becoming a super student – and learning something that will increase your value – to others.

Then CAREFULLY – look at various opportunities out there and pick a few opportunities that meet the needs – of the most amount of people.  Don’t pick some product that’s only good for females – because that rules out the males.  Don’t pick a product that’s only good for people who need to lose weight – because that rules out skinny people.  Or people who like to be over weight.

Pick various products or opportunities that meet the needs or desires of the most amount of people.  Find companies that offer truly fair – compensation plans.  It makes no sense at all to pick some opportunity that will pay you a $10,000.00 commission on a product that you will never ever sell.

Look for easy to build or easy to refer to – when you consider your 2nd or 3rd income stream.  This way – you can focus on your primary.

What Happens When You Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Don’t Let Your Money Go To Waste!

And finally – if you put all of your eggs in one basket – someday your basket may fall and hit the ground.  Then – your money went down the tubes – and now you have to start all over again.

However – if you pick your opportunities wisely – you’ll be able to build more than one income stream – with no extra effort at all.

BUT remember – you become the student and build YOU.  YOU are your business.  Learn and become the best at learning that subject or subjects.  Then share that knowledge and that expertise.  Become an expert at something and help teach others about that subject.

And the result will be this.  You will become the hunted!  People will hunt you down and want to join you in your business.  And if you have more than one product – or opportunity – they will choose what’s right for them!!!!

I wish you all of the very best of success – in what ever business you decide to build!


A person that I have followed for DECADES – teaches a very simple method of building an MLM.  I followed him, I even drove hours to meet him in person.  And – I teach my team the same simple method of building an MLM.  But here’s the funny thing.  I never knew what company he was in.  He has over one million people in his organization and he NEVER reveals what opportunity he is in.

You would have to ask him flat out – other wise – he will never tell you.  Now – if he can build a team of One Million people – with out pitching his opportunity – don’t you think that you can also do the same thing?  Well yes you can!

You focus on learning and then teaching – and you will start to succeed.  Trust me – people will flat out ask you – what opportunity are you in?

That my friend is How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income!  And a lasting income for the rest of your life!!!!!!


If you have not found suitable opportunities for building a multiple stream of income – you can take a look at two of the ones that I have chosen here at Work With Me.

My primary – is not published anywhere.  That one – you would have to ask me personally 🙂  I only sponsor people who are serious, into my Primary – because I invest a lot of time in helping and training those who I sponsor.  And I build at least 10 levels down on any leg that I start. So I’m sure that you can understand and appreciate that.  Anyway if you are serious and curious – feel free to contact me via email or by phone.  Thanks!

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