How To Get Leads For Your MLM Fast

How To Get Leads For Your MLM Fast

How To Get Leads For Your MLM Fast even if you are a newbie. Let’s face it – leads are the most important thing that you need in any MLM.  And every single one of us that are in an MLM, Network Marketing or even Affiliate Marketing – needs leads.  Well actually – let me re-phrase that.  Everyone who has a business that sells a product or a service – needs new leads and new prospects.

How To Get Leads For Your MLMI think it’s a little more important to the person entering into the MLM business though.  And I say that because most people that get into an MLM – are not good at sales.  In addition – they are taught to hit up their friends and family first.  Well nothing is more embarrassing or degrading than to ask a friend or family member to join your opportunity – and get rejected.

In fact I don’t know if you know this or not – but most people that get into an MLM – only sponsor on average – 2 people into their opportunity.

TWO PEOPLE – and that’s it!!!!

So the question is this.  Do you want to succeed – or do you want to be average?  If you want to be a statistic then by all means – hit up your friends and family members – get rejected – and then quit.  But if you want to succeed and achieve financial independence – well it’s going to take a little bit of work.  And – you have got to learn HOW to get leads.

And leads that just keep coming in on a daily basis!

How To Get Leads For Your MLM Without Getting Rejected

Okay – do you know what a lead is?  I know that sounds like a pathetic question – but a lot of people actually don’t understand that basic question.  So check this out.  A lead is someone that you can share your information with.  And typically – THEY sign up or voluntarily follow you – or even ask for more information.

Typically we like to think of leads that sign up on our email auto responder list.  And that would be true.  BUT – as long as they take the step to get more information from you – they are a lead.

Now – a lead could be a follower on let’s say – Facebook.  That’s right.  If they click the button to follow you – they are opting in to get more of your posts.  They want to see – more of what you have to say.  The same goes for Insta Gram, YouTube, and Google Plus.  Any time a person clicks to associate with you – you now have a new lead.

Okay – stop and think about that for a minute.  Is that easier than asking Uncle George to join your biz op?  Duh……of course it is.

Now let me ask you this.  If all it took was to post a simple question like – “Click On The Follow Button To Follow Us On Facebook” – wouldn’t that be easy?  Of course it would!  And that’s how simple – IT CAN BE – when getting new leads for your MLM business.

How To Get Leads For Your MLM – That Are Just Like You

How To Get Leads For Your MLM That Are Just Like YouNow something that a lot of people mess up on – is they ask people who are not the self employed or business type of person – to get into a business.  So in order for you to have more success – you should target people who want to have their own business.  You want people – just like you.

So with that being said – what kind of leads do you want?  Well you want leads that are interested in a work from home business.  You want people who are interested in MLM, Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.  You want people who want to make more money!

Now as I mentioned – you could use Facebook – and many of us do.  You could use YouTube or even Insta Gram.  But stop and think about that.  Many of the people on let’s say Facebook – are people who are just sitting around and surfing pictures and comments from friends or friends of friends.  So although it may be true that they can become a lead by “Following or Friending You” – is that what you really want?

So it’s not just about how to get leads – or how to get leads for Network Marketing.  It’s more about how to get the right kind of leads.  It’s how to get leads for your MLM – that are interested in perhaps MLM.  Or at the very least – working from home.

How To Get Leads For Your MLM Fast And Easy

So let me show you one source of leads that are almost all – Network Marketers, MLM’ers or Affiliate Marketers.  And – let me show you the source that it’s as easy as clicking a link – to ask them to follow or associate with you.  And – let me show you one source – where almost every single person that you request to associate with – will turn right around and accept your invitation.

Now again I ask – is that easier than asking Uncle George?  It sure is!

Anyway – here’s a source that you should absolutely include when you are trying to figure out how to get leads for you MLM.  It’s called IBO Toolbox.  It’s a website that MLM’ers, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Work At Home types – come to socialize and network.  They also have a PR tool – which is a Press Release tool which allows you to post about your Blog Post’s or even your opportunity – and helps you get noticed.

Now each person that’s a member of IBO Toolbox – is an Associate.  And as a member or Associate yourself – you can click on another Associate’s name – and a pop up will spring up.  That pop up will tell you a little about the person – and also allow you to request to become their Associate.

And remember – that means they become your lead.  It also means that you are now their lead too.  Now I did say that IBO Toolbox was made up of a whole bunch of people that are MLM’ers, Network Marketer’s and Affiliate Marketer’s.  So – that means they will most likely approach you about their business.  And that’s OKAY!

It’s great practice to talk about someone else’s opportunity – and also to share your own opportunity.  So be happy – and be cordial.  Be friendly!!!

How To Get Those Leads – To Love You

Now you know that I’m in MLSP.  You may also know that a lot of the big wigs in MLM, Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing – are also in MLSP.  And the reason for that is because we learn the best and “MOST EFFECTIVE” way to get people to love us – to follow us – and to join our business opportunities.

How To Get Leads In Your MLM To Love YouSO let me give you a tip on how to get those leads to love you.  Are you ready?

Give them value!!!!

Now notice I did not say – hit them up on your opportunity – fast and furious.  No!  Actually – do the exact opposite!  In fact the quickest way to learn if a person is a newbie or not – is to see how long it takes them to hit you up on their opportunity.  And the quickest way for you to show that you’re a newbie – is to hit someone up on your own opportunity.

So this is what you should do.  FIRST – spend a lot of time creating your profile on IBO Toolbox.  That’s where you should mention your opportunity and put a link in there to learn more.  THAT’s THE PLACE where your pitch belongs!

Then – learn as much as you can about a topic that everyone suffers pain and anguish over.  In other words – find the solution to someone else’s pain – and they will follow you to the end of the earth.  And if you post comments and Press Release’s that solve someone’s pain – people will hunt you down and WANT TO ASSOCIATE with YOU.

They will want to learn more about you and where will they go?  TO YOUR PROFILE!  And from there to your blog.  And – they will peek at your opportunity too!

So – learn – then teach or share.  Gather up hundreds – even thousands of followers or associates – and watch the magic happen.  You will teach others.  And in return – you will learn a lot.  You will meet some really great people – and you will learn about their opportunities.  In the process – you will become so much better at presenting your own opportunity.

Invest In Yourself And Learn How To Get Leads For Your MLM – On A Daily Basis

And get leads for the rest of your life.  I mean think about that.  Can you imagine getting leads every day for the next 6 months or a year?  Can you imagine how powerful that would be if you had 1,000 leads…..or 5,000 or even 10,000 leads?  What if a year form now you found a crazy new opportunity that you fell in love with.  And you mention it to your huge list of leads – and 10% of them jumped on board with you. Can you imagine what could happen?

Well – you would be like one of those people that you hear about that just joined an opportunity – and sponsored a whole bunch of people in their first month – and got this huge check.


Now you know how the big shots make those big checks.  THEY GET LEADS!  Lot’s and lot’s of leads!  And that’s why I invest in ME.  It’s the exact same reason why you should invest in you and learn everything that there is about – How To Get Leads For Your MLM!

So click here and join IBO Toolbox today – and then look up my name – and associate with me.  And then learn as much as you can about the number one pain that every single MLM’er, Network marketer and Affiliate Marketer has in common.  And that is – we all need leads.

So – Learn How To Get Leads For Your MLM!

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