Leadership Qualities And Network Marketing Success

Leadership Qualities And Network Marketing Success

Leadership Qualities And Network Marketing Success go hand in hand.  And let’s face it a true leader will be more successful than a person with no experience.  I mean it just makes sense that if you recruit a brand new person who knows very little – or even nothing about network marketing – well their chance of success is very slim to basically no chance of tasting success at all.

Network Marketing SuccessAnd – that means that you have a slim chance to succeed as well.  I know we don’t like to hear that kind of talk – but it’s the truth.  In fact – if we were to look at the statistics we would see that almost everyone fails to succeed at making any serious money in Network Marketing.  Yeah – and we are talking upwards of 97%!

Now – why is that?  Well it’s because of at least two very distinct reasons.  There are more – but for now – let’s look at these two reasons.

First it’s because people look at Network Marketing as sales and it really is not.  Oh sure the companies view point is that it is sales.  But truth be told – Network Marketing success comes from building an organization.  And through the natural course of doing that – products get sold.  Some of the people just like the products – and some of the people want to build a business.  And in both cases – products get purchased, consumed or used.

But – we make the big money by building the organization.

Now – why do 97% of the people fail?  Well – the majority of human beings stink at sales!  So that is the first reason why 97% fail to make good money at Network Marketing.  They try and do sales – and they try and teach new people to do sales.  And that doesn’t work!

The second biggest reason why people fail to make decent money with Network Marketing is – they recruit people who lack experience and leadership qualities.  Basically – most folks will recruit anyone with a heart beat.  And those people could learn to do Network Marketing also.  But your organization will build extremely slow – or not at all!

Leadership Qualities Are Crucial To Build Fast And To Build Deep

And building DEEP – is the secret to achieving those large incomes that we dream about when we get into Network Marketing.  That’s what it is all about – and that’s what hardly ever happens for the average person.  Now – I hope that you already grasp how important it is to build deep.  But just in case you are new to the concept of Network Marketing – let’s take a look at the photo below.

Numbers Example On Leadership Qualities And Network Marketing Success

 Now I am sure that you have heard or seen someone explain something similar to this – regardless of what ever company that you are either in – or have looked at.  But basically they would have said something like this: “You sponsor 5 good people on your first level – and then they sponsor 5 good people and now you have 25 people on your second level.”

Then of course if those 25 people on your 2nd level each got 5 good people – well then you would now have 125 people on your 3rd level.  Theoretically anyway.

Now there are two REALLY important things to think about when we look at this image.  First of all – each new level you go down – exceeds in numbers – ALL of the previous levels.  In other words if we look at 125 people being on the 3rd level – well that is more than the 1st level and the 2nd level added together.

And most programs will pay some sort of commissions down 5 levels.  But if you really want to make money – like I do – well then you would look to get paid down deeper.  Especially if you know how to recruit people with leadership qualities.  So – for kicks and giggles – let’s look at level 7.  Now of course it is 5 times bigger than level 6 right?  Of course – because if everyone on level 6 recruited 5 good people each – well then level 7 would be 5 times bigger than level 6.

BUT – level 7 is 4 times bigger than everyone on level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AND level 6!!  Now I really hope that you get excited about that.  And I really hope that you start to see how critical it is to build a very deep organization.

And – I really hope that you now understand why your first 5 people – need to have leadership qualities – and that their 5 people each have leadership qualities – and so on.  Because that is the only way that any of us can build a huge and a very deep organization.

We have to have – and be able to cultivate – leadership qualities in order to have Network Marketing success.  After all – in the paragraphs above – we said we need to recruit 5 “GOOD” people.  And that my friend is the catch all!  That’s the word that the 97%’ers miss!

And quite frankly – Zig Ziglar states it the best below:

You Don't Build A Business Quote By Zig ZiglarSo – how in the world do we recruit GOOD people?  How do we cultivate people who have Leadership Qualities?  How do we “Build People?”

 The Best Method To Develop Leadership Qualities And To Get More Network Marketing Prospects

Well the very best method that I have found – is by first recruiting my Network Marketing prospects into MLSP – which is an educational company with a very powerful and professional marketing system built into it.  It is not a Network Marketing business opportunity at all – in fact it’s an affiliate marketing program – so it is not a conflict with any Network Marketing company that I know of.

By doing this – I can help my new recruits get the leadership qualities and the training that they need to become successful – without an pressure.  They learn how to get leads to build their business – and they learn marketing strategies that help them get up to 30 to 40 leads per day – which is over 1,000 leads per month! (Without the need to bug friends and family)

They also get recruiting training, mindset training – and everything that you can imagine to be truly successful at Network Marketing – before they get into it.  But – when they get some of this high quality training under their belt – and they are getting 30 to 40 leads per day – well then they are also most likely making a pretty exciting income as well.

Duplication Of Leadership QualitiesAnd – they are exposing their new affiliates – which are also their Network Marketing prospects – to the very same leadership qualities type of training that they need to grow a new business.

Now when we take one of these newly trained leaders and sponsor them into our Network Marketing opportunity – they know exactly what they need to do to build a very deep and profitable organization.

So basically we take off the stress – and teach them how to walk.  Then we teach them how to run.  And then finally – we teach them how to do the same thing with their own team.

And then – we sponsor them into our organization.  Now some of them may not want to be in Network Marketing and that’s okay too.  You are looking for the leadership qualities to ensure your Network Marketing Success.  But you still make money on your affiliate team in MLSP.  So it’s a win, win situation.

Now that’s what I do.  But some prefer to just use MLSP to get them the Network Marketing leads and Network Marketing prospects and immediately expose them to their Network Marketing opportunity.  And that’s fine too!  But for me – I like to train and work with leaders and then help them to build their team.  Remember – we don’t build the business – we build the people – and then they build the business.

Anyway – this is by far – the absolute best method that I have ever found.  It works awesome – and then you only work with the leaders in your Network Marketing business.

So check out how you can build Leadership Qualities and Network Marketing Success Using My Lead System Pro.

100% Risk Free GuaranteeIt’s risk free – and you could take a trial run with it for as little as $2.00.  And as a Free Bonus – you can contact me after you take a look at it – and I will give you a free coaching session online – and walk you through every aspect of it before you even think of spending one dime!

And in any case – I wish you the very best in your business – and your search for Leadership Qualities And Network Marketing Success!


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