Mutiple Streams Of Income A Blessing Or A Curse

Multiple Streams Of Income A Blessing Or A Curse?

Multiple Streams Of Income A Blessing Or A Curse?  Now that may sound like a weird title because we all love multiple streams of income.  So what do I mean?  Well first of all – every single one of us perk up when “Multiple Streams of Income” are mentioned.  We immediately think of financial security and doing things with our family that we could never do before.

And that’s because we never have enough money – right?

Multiple Streams Of Income - Floating CashSo how could having multiple streams of income be a curse or a bad thing?  Well having them is not the problem.  The searching for them or the striving for them – well that can be a curse in disguise.

You see having that sort of financial security is a goal that we strive for.  But in order to get to that goal – in order for us to achieve the goal – well we have to stay the course and focus in on that goal until we get to the goal.  And any distractions or changes to that course – well that can actually prevent us from getting to our goals all together!

So – we need to focus – and we need to concentrate on building our future and building our income up to meet our long term goals!

Multiple Streams Of Income Can Be Fleeting If We Don’t Focus

Now if you have a job – and you wanted multiple streams of income – you could go out and get a 2nd or even a 3rd job.  The problem is that you will become all worn out and you would be tired all of the time.  So your multiple streams of income – actually feels like a curse.

But most of the time when we mention multiple streams of income we think of maybe a job, plus investments – and maybe income from real estate rentals or something.

Multiple Streams Of Income Foiled By Shiny EffectMany of us look for multiple streams of income from Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.  And sadly – the majority of people will NEVER achieve their goals!

So why is that?  Well first of all – almost all people are not cut out for sales – and most of the Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing opportunities require you to sell stuff.  So – what seems to be the answer actually feels more like a curse.

But the other reason why people fail is what I call the “Shiny Effect”!  But most people in the business call it program jumpers.

What the shiny effect is – well it’s kind of like when you see a small child playing and then you wave a shiny object.  As soon as the child see’s it – they stop what they are doing and go for the shiny object.  The same thing with a cat when you shine a flashlight on the floor or a laser pointer.

They immediately stop what they are doing and go after the light!

Well that is a huge problem for folks in Multi Level marketing, Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing as well.  As soon as a new program comes a long with a new twist on a compensation plan – or pretty capture pages – they are off and running.  And it could be some new anything.  Even a new juice or what ever!  But if it is brand new – it’s like a shiny object and most people are off and running.

And sadly – the result is that it feels like a curse.  They feel like – this stuff never works – I’ve tried this program and that program.  This stuff is a scam – because you can’t make money doing this.  Hmmm……sound familiar?

Well – we can all make excuses – and we can whine – but the fact of the matter is that we get distracted easily.

Multiple Streams Of Income – Takes Work & Takes Focus!

Now don’t get me wrong – I realize that it may take time to find a good program.  I know it took me a long time personally as well.  And you can read about what I found with Lead System.  But once we do our homework and find something that can work – well then it is time to buckle down and focus.

We need to stop looking at every single new thing that comes a long – and commit to building ONE THING!  We need to get our income up – and get our program to a point where it is almost running on auto pilot.  Then and only then can we start to think of branching out and creating a second income – or a third.

And if we do see something that is really easy to do – or really compliments what we are already doing – well maybe then we can add that type of program.  But building a business and a rock solid income stream is hard enough.  Don’t fall into the trap of going after the shiny things – because the end goal is Multiple Streams Of Income.

Multiple Streams Of Income - One stream At Time Really Pays OffAND the grass is not always greener on the other side – and that latest -brand new – about to go viral – pre-launch program may not be any better than what you already have.

Focus on the task at hand – focus on building your multiple streams of income – one at a time.  Get your income up to $10,000.00 or $20,000.00 per month.  Then start CAREFULLY looking for a 2nd or 3rd opportunity that you really love – and that will be easy to do right alongside your existing business.

And take your time!  Because if it is that good – it will still be a great opportunity when you make your final decision!

And as always – I wish you the very best in your business – and especially in your quest for – Multiple Streams Of Income!




Dave Webber On Multiple Streams Of Income A Blessing Or A Curse