My Lead System Pro I Don’t Need No Stinking Mentor

My Lead System Pro I Don’t Need No Stinking Mentor

My Lead System Pro I Don’t Need No Stinking Mentor. Well actually it’s always best to have a mentor and a true coach that can help you every step of the way.  And I say that because I know from experience!  And not just my own personal experience but also by watching and talking to other folks that get signed up into some program and then poof – their sponsor goes MIA on them.

And man that makes me go crazy when I hear about things like that.  But what are you going to do right?

The Right Person On My Lead system Pro I Don't Need No Stinking MentorNO – you can do something about that and – you have full control over the situation!  You found the right company – and now you can choose the right person!

Now with My Lead System Pro – well it is about the easiest company that I have ever seen.  And the training – well it is truly second to none.  And again – I have experience with companies that had horrible training.

But when ever you get into something new – and especially with a system like My Lead System Pro – because inside it is a very deep system – well it sure is nice to have someone in your corner that will actually be there when you need them.  And I know that people can get in there and watch the videos and set it up pretty easy.  But still – it sure is nice having someone that is watching out for you!

Actually – let’s check out a video quick that discusses this subject.

My Lead System Pro – Mentor Salesman Or Just A Sign Up

Well now that you have seen the video you know where I stand when it comes to having a mentor.  I mean I do have a mentor and I am really grateful that I do.  But I’ll tell you something that is a little funny.  When I first joined My Lead System Pro I started to set up the system.  I watched the videos and then did what I was supposed to do.

Then I had to set up the auto responder and I had trouble with the links in the pre-made emails.  Heck it was no big deal – I knew how to fix them – but it was just one more thing that I didn’t plan on doing that day.  Anyway – I went back and watched another video and did some more set up.

Well the funny thing with automation is – that it takes a little bit of work to get it set up.  So then a new company gets unveiled and I loved that company.  So I had to make a choice – do I start up this new company or keep setting up My Lead System Pro?  Well – I dropped My Lead System Pro and took off working on the new company.

Like Magic Or Missing Piece Of The Puzzle On My Lead system ProFour months go by – and I sure could use some leads – LOL!  So I started back up with My Lead System Pro and the lights went on!  This system is so cool – and so deep.

There is so much that goes on in the back of My Lead System Pro – but it seems to work like magic.  And why – because of all that tedious set up that the videos show us how to do.  But when you are new – well it seems at times a little over bearing or over whelming.

Now I never bugged my mentor about anything while I was setting it up.  But I know for a new person it sure would be nice to have someone who could be called or emailed real quick for those little questions that pop up.  It sure would be nice to talk to someone that knows WHY we are doing this step – and could show us what happens after we set something up.  Then it all makes sense.

My Lead System Pro Offers A Ton Of High Quality Training

Well the fact of the matter is that My Lead System Pro has a ton of training.  And I do mean high quality training too.  Heck just look at some of the Training Courses On How To Get Leads and it will be pretty obvious that there is no shortage of great training.  So in My Lead System Pro – you are actually getting quite a few mentors.

And Lets Not Forget the My Lead System Pro Free Webinars that they let visitors attend every single week!  So even if you did just sign up with any old person – you should do fine.  But then again – if you haven’t signed up yet – well then choose who you will join – instead of just joining My Lead System Pro.  And don’t forget to check out our main page which is Lead System.

And – if you want to check out My Lead System Pro right now or join my team directly – well then click here on Lead System to learn more about My Lead System Pro.  And if you like what you see – give me a call and let’s chat.  Let’s see how My Lead System Pro can help you get Automated Leads + Automated Sales = Automated Income or Passive Income!  And – I’ll see you then!



Dave Webber On My Lead System Pro I Don't Need No Stinking Mentor