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Predatory SEO is an essential course that every blogger,  online marketer and video marketer has to have in order to cash in on page one of the search engines.  And the reason is – if you cannot get on top of the search engine result page – well then you are wasting your time.

You have to research and determine exactly what your target is – evaluate the competition – and then implement certain strategies to take over the page.  And Predatory SEO is a course by one of the biggest names in the online world – and he shows you exactly how you can do that.

Education - Mentor on Predatory SEONow my mentor – and by the way – I am so grateful that I have one.  Anyway – he showed me how to sneak up on a particular search engine result page.  And then look at the competition on the page – and then build a plan to not just get on the page.  No – he taught me how to take over the page.

And I have done this in the past using a different strategy – but that almost happened by accident.  But the result was that I kicked a major corporation off of Google’s search engine result page – that this company basically owned.

Well like I said – it was at first sort of an accident.  But then it became a game for me.  Once I realized how valuable this information was to me – I realized I could basically write my own checks online.  And – LOL – I took over 2 1/2 pages for that search term and bumped the corporation off the page.

The only way they could be seen was to buy Pay Per Click Ad’s.  And I figured that they would buy me out.  But – in May of 2011 my world crashed and burned and I lost almost every single thing that I had ever worked for.  Including – my websites!

Predatory SEO Can Teach You How To Do That And More

But what I had learned has gotten even better.  And if you are a blogger, online marketer or video marketer – and you want to get on page one of the search engines – well you should look at Predatory SEO.  In fact – just check out the video that the link below takes you to.  Because you can learn a lot just from that.

Anyway – Google changes up the rules here and there and you have to keep up with the latest updates in order to get onto page one.  And sure – content is king – but keyword density is only a small fraction of what you need to know about SEO.

And that’s where Predatory SEO comes into play.  It will teach you so much – and give you that power to write your own checks online so to speak. So check out the free video – and get more information about it – by clicking here on Predatory SEO.

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So check out Predatory SEO by clicking here on Predatory SEO today!  And then you can check out our main page if you haven’t seen it yet which is Lead System.

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