Work From Home

Work From Home

Work From Home can include work from home jobs, online jobs and folks who make money online from their homes.  And it can be scary at first for some people.  Almost all of us kind of get used to having a job and a boss.

Get Rid Of Your Boss And Work From HomeAnd when you get used to having someone telling you what to do and how to do it – well when you are off on your own and you now work from home – it can be quite a change.  It can even seem a little strange.

But I assure you – you can get used to it really fast – LOL!

Now for me – I was self employed for about 10 years as an aviation consultant.  I worked from my home and then traveled to where ever my clients needed me.  And sure – at first I made some dumb decisions and it got bumpy once in a while – you know – handling expenses vs. cash coming in.  But I got used to it and after a while – I didn’t really ever want to have a job anymore.

But all of that changed one day when I got sick unexpectedly.  And – I lost almost every single thing that I had ever worked for.  So because I was left disabled for about 13 months – I didn’t have much of a choice.  I had to figure out how to work from home.  I either had to find a work from home job – or get one of those online jobs that you see advertised.

And let me tell you something that you may already know – it is really frustrating looking for online jobs and learning how to make money online.  BUT – I did it!  I found a way to work from home.  And although it turned out that it was not a work from home job – it did turn out to be a very easy work from home business instead.

I tell you what – check out this short video – and then I will tell you the rest!

Work From Home Video

So as you have seen in the video – we do have some options.  And sure we may be used to the idea that when we work from home – that it might be the result of a work from home “job”.

But there are some very easy to start businesses that we can also do  – and – we can do them from the comfort of our own home.  And best of all – we can control our schedule – and work when we want to.  You know – plan our work time – around our family – instead of the other way around.

How To Get A Work From Home Business & Avoid Scams

And yes – there are a lot of scams out there.  And even when you look at the work from home jobs – they either pay dirt cheap and are not worth doing – or – they want you to pay them to do the work!

I was looking at some ways to make money online and saw a list of work from home jobs.  While reading one of them – I actually started to laugh out loud – while sitting here all by myself 😉  It said “some of our readers reported that they made $100.00 annually working with this company”.

Seriously!!!  Making $100.00 per year is not a job – or a business – heck that is an insult to even claim it to be a job.  And take it from someone who only made $17.00 in 2011 – because of getting sick and being disabled for 13 months.  But anyway – that is not an opportunity at all!

No Hype On Work From HomeAnyway – let me get back on track here.  First of all – a lot of work from home businesses that we see may not be a scam – but they require you to do sales of some sort.  And it is a fact – 95% to 97% of human beings are NOT cut out to do sales.  So – although an opportunity may not be a scam – you are most assuredly doomed from the beginning – if they want you to do sales.

Now here is the kicker – you can make a lot of money in sales – and yes – even when you work from home.

LOL – now that is a little confusing – because most of us can’t do sales – but you can make a lot of money from sales.  Hmmm……

Well this is what I found!

I mentioned in the video – I work with an education company – and it has built into it – a professional marketing system.  So I personally get paid commissions from sales – but I do not do the sales.  I let the marketing system and what I call – the sales department – do that part.

AND – in this economy – when there are so many people unemployed or under employed – education and training is actually becoming a huge business.  I mean bigger than what we consider to be normal.  I mean look at your local community colleges.  They are becoming packed with adults – going back to school and learning new careers.

So it makes sense that working with an education company could actually be a great way to make money online and – doing that as you work from home.

BUT What About Avoiding The Work From Home Scams?

Ahh – you thought I forgot what we started to talk about didn’t you?  Well I didn’t.  You can avoid scams by slowing down and doing your home work.  ALWAYS – take your time – and LEARN!

Look into what ever company that you are looking at – and learn exactly how they make money online – and – how do they work from home and make money.  Talk to people – investigate.

Now I happened to find exactly what I was looking for – and because I work with an education company – it was real easy for me.  I tried out their free trainings.  I tried out their webinars – which are free too.  And then – I tried them out!

I signed up for a 10 day trial – for $10.00!  So for $1.00 per day for 10 days – I looked at their training in the back office – I checked out the marketing system for myself – and I went to all of the company sponsored webinars and trainings.  And then – I decided for my self – risk free – whether or not the company was for me.  And for me – it turned out to be the very best thing that I ever did!

And – I now work from home with my own business – well actually 3 of them.  You see – because this companies marketing system is so effective – I use it for other businesses as well.  So – I am now building 3 separate – and automated – incomes as I work from home.

Work From Home QuestionsOkay – now what about you?  Well from personal experience I think that if you want to work from home – you should check out this education company yourself.  I think that you should take some time to learn about it – just like I did – and get answers to your questions.  In fact – I hold training webinars for others who have joined and we formed a team.  A group of like minded people who now work from home and make money online.  And I help them and coach them – every single step of the way.

So this is what you should do.  You can learn more about this company – and about me by checking out our main page which is Lead System.

And – you can check out some of the courses – which by the way – has an intro or sales video, but then on most of the courses – the page opens up after a certain amount of minutes.  And when that happens – many of the courses have free training or recorded webinars that can teach you so much.

You can check that out by clicking on Training Courses.

And then – well I would like to invite you to take this company out for a test drive.  BUT – it would be great if I could give you some tips and some advice first.  I say that because I could show you how to make some money fast – but – I want to make sure that you do this right – because your trail will only be 10 days.

So it’s best to get the most out of those 10 days.  And then if it is not for you – well that’s okay.  But at least you looked into it – and at least you did your best to see if this could be your answer – and your way to work from home.

Take Action And Learn How To Work From HomeAnd don’t be shy – get in touch with me through our Contact Us Page or by using the information below.

Take action today – and take that first step to a work from home business of your own.  Click on Lead System to learn more – and don’t forget to check out some FREE Training by clicking here on Training Courses.  And – check out the FREE Webinars up in the upper right side of our site.  You will learn something every week for free – no strings attached!

And thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our site – and Work From Home!


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